The innovative, Long Lasting, Air Operated Brumby Submersible Well, Bore or sump Pump may be used for pumping anything from water of any pH value, to highly corrosive leachates and even crude oil and it comes with a 5 year replacement guarantee!

The Brumby Pump is a simple, cost effective, versatile, tough and ultra lightweight, maintenance free alternative to highly expensive conventional electric pumps.

It cannot seize, corrode or burn out. It will not suffer damage from pumping grit or sand, even If it runs dry!
The Brumby pump was designed specifically to overcome the problems of corrosion, seizing when running dry or pumping sand or grit as well as making installation cheap and easy.

It is constructed entirely of tough non-metallic, non-corroding materials and only has 2 moving parts. The Brumby Pump is designed to utilise the forces of nature via your low pressure compressor anywhere in the range of 2 - 15 cfm (cubic feet per minute), to create the lift.
There are no troublesome electrics down the hole and no level instruments are required.

This unique submersible pump has been in production since 1987, and those first installed are still running today and totally maintenance free after 20 years!

The first of the Brumby submersible well/bore pumps are still pumping today. Wear is negligible, as the only moving parts are 2 floating ball non-return valves. It will pump anything from clean water to gritty fluid.

The Brumby submersible pump is ideal for for most pump scenarios, rural or urban when:

  • Your bore/well water depth is at least 1m.
  • Your bore/well is at least 100mm diameter.
  • You want up to 12,000 litres per hour.
  • You want vertical lift of up to 160m - in some cases more.
  • Your water supply is a long way from your power supply.
  • You want a pump which will work for many years and never need servicing.
  • You want to aerate ponds or fish farm tanks.

The Brumby submersible pump can run dry, without damage, it can pump minerals, shale and grit. There is no need for power at the pump site. It is air operated. Low pressure compressed air can be supplied from miles away if necessary, saving on running expensive power cables.

The Brumby submersible pump is easy to install and can be relocated to different sites easily by just pulling it out by hand and moving it to a different location.
No support cables are required. It just hangs on the end of the delivery pipe - usually poly pipe, which is cheap and readily available.

Although the Brumby pump is a meter long, it weighs only 4.5 kg.

South Coast Water is proud to be the European distributors for the Brumby Pump and more details can be found on our sister site