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Your well or bore pump is core to your system, it should not be compromised.

Very cheap pumps may be bought on the internet and some of them may last a while but replacement parts are not available, after sales service is at best difficult and more commonly non-existent.

So before you go rushing into buying cheap pumps consider this:
We stock world leaders in pump design including Grundfos, considered by many to be the Rolls-Royce of pumps and DAB who build pumps for all scenarios and all budgets. They are all very well represented here in the UK and always stock parts, spare wet ends and spare impellor ends, motors and controllers.

These companies have many years of experience in the design, manufacture and after sales service of pumps and pump systems and therefore we would advise you not to be tempted with bargain basement pump systems nobody knows how to fix and nobody wants to spend hours on the phone to the other side of the world trying to explain your problems to someone who can not understand you.

The last thing you want is to pull up a pump and pipework from your borehole or well because the pump has failed.

South Coast Water is also the European suppliers for the infamous Australian Brumby pump system. This unusual pump is unique in that there is virtually no moving parts down your well or borehole and is instead powered by air from a compressor sited above ground.
The Brumby pump has many distinct advantages over conventional designs. A full appraisal of the Brumby pump may be viewed here.


South Coast Water stock the full range of Grundfos, ZDS, DAB well, borehole and sump pumps plus many other brands along with filtration systems, UV-systems and all associated equipment and consumables.

Bore PumpsOnce we know the purpose for your well or bore hole we will be able to advise you of the best type of pump for your project.

Sometimes a simple DAB pump will be all that is required - for example, in a shallow well where demand is low and output is not critical.
Other scenarios may require a more robust and heavier duty stainless steel pump - say for a situation where your borehole or well is deep and you need to lift high volumes quickly or where you are drawing water for commercial use and in any situation where your demand is critical.

Many of the pumps which we sell include some sophisticated electronic features such as dry run protection which stops the pump in the event of the borehole or well running dry to prevent over-heating and damage.

Automatic restart which as the name suggests restarts the pump again when water is detected. Water pressure operated switches which starts a pump on demand as water pressure in your system drops due to flow and stops the pump automatically when flow ceases and pressure increases.

South Coast Water are distributors of the indestructible ZDS pumps which are so good we and ZDS can offer a 24 month no questions asked guarantee. No other manufacturer can beat or offer that sort of after sales service.

Please contact us if you require any help or advice regarding water pumps or please visit our shop here SHOP.

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