Borehole Cleaning

Cleaning A Borehole

South Coast Water can provide you with a complete water borehole cleaning service.
You may find your water from your borehole has become very dirty, full of particles, clogged with iron oxide and other deposits or you may just feel it needs cleaning.

A dirty borehole will not get cleaner until it is professionally cleaned, if there are large deposits of iron in the borehole and surrounding area bacteria will form creating thicker iron oxide deposits.

This is not good for your pump and all other equipment which the water passes through, this includes plastic pipes, it sticks to and will eventually clog all pipe work and filters.

It will render your ultra violet light filter useless and you will need to change your particle/string filter quicker then you can order them. Bacteria forms everywhere there is water so if you feel you would like a borehole clean just to keep your mind at rest please contact us.

Iron is a pumps worst enemy, We have so many new customer who come to us after 3 years annoyed that their borehole was installed by someone else but did not complete the job professionally. They complain that they have had to replace their borehole or well pump every 12 months. Changing a borehole pump every year is not the cheapest thing to do and is certainly not the idea of a private water supply, they are meant to save you money not run it dry.

Has your borehole become slower to refill or regenate with water? Then it certaily needs cleaning. All the options below will help speed up the replenishment of the borehole by cleaning and allowing the aquifer to flow freely into your borehole.

There is many ways of cleaning a borehole and the main ones are below.

Chemical Cleaning

We will need to know the size (diameter usually 3",4",6" inch) of the borehole (so we know what size pump to bring if yours has stopped working), depth of the borehole, height of the water and what you think the problem might be, All this will help us specify how much and what chemicals will be required to clean your borehole.
If your pump still works then perfect because we will be able to clean your pump at the same time as cleaning the borehole at no extra charge. The chemical cleaning process will take up to 48hrs because it will need to be left to destroy all the bacteria in the borehole and surrounding area.

The entire process once the chemicals touch water is extremely safe and when it is pumped out with the water and it comes into contact with oxygen it turns into carbon dioxide.

Pump Cleaning Service

If you have a clogged or badly silted up borehole or well pump why not let us clean it. We have a specislist pump bath which will ensure all types of debris, particles, bacteria and corrosion from iron is removed in a save and effortless way including the internal impellors. It does not take a day so we would need your pump for at least 7 days to soak in our speacilist cleaner.

Brumby Borehole Cleaning

Only available from South Coast Water the Brumby pump is a specialist pump capable of pumping large amounts of particles at large sizes upto pebble size, Iron oxide does not effect the pump and it can lift large amounts of water in a short space of time to agitate the water and surrounding areas.

If you suffer from sand particles in your borehole then we can clean your borehole with this pump without causing it any damage.

It also injects air particles into the water at the bottom of the borehole turning iron in suspension into iron oxide in solution so it can easily disposed of at the surface.

This length of this method will vary depending on your geology and the borehole. We usually find we can have a borehole cleaned of sediment within 2 days and iron between 1 - 2 days.



If you know you have a bad taste or bad colour in your water then do not hesitate to get in touch with us, even if it is for advice.

We have successfully supplied and installed thousands of filtration systems of all shapes and sizes to ensure the water is safe for alsorts of use's.

Instead of waiting for your borehole pump, water filters to fail or even to fail a water test contact us for a borehole clean and/or advice.

We can even see if a brumby pump system will solve your problems and the need to replace your motor driven pump.

Cleaning your borehole every year is cheaper then replacing or fixing a problem caused by the borehole so do not delay contact South Coast Water today.

There is also many types of filters so no matter what might be contaminating your water, we can filter it. Iron is one of the biggest problems for a borehole so we are constantly installing completly automated iron filters.

Another common filter is the removal of sand and grit particles, we use a system which will get almost 100% of it out of the water. The remainder you will more then likely not be able to see with your eyes.

iron oxide in boreholeborehole pump in need of cleaning

sand particles in a boreholeclogged filter

a clean sediment filter