Borehole Drilling

At South Coast Water we do not drill ourselves, we will find the best driller in your area at the best price. We do NOT charge to do this. We do not contract anything out, you deal direct with the driller once you are happy with the price unless you would prefer us to manage the complete borehole project. We find some customers prefer to go direct so once we find you the best driller and best price we the pass the details on to you or the driller. Again we do not charge for this, we will come in after and supply and install all borehole equipment and maintain your borehole.borehole drilling rig

So for us making sure you get the best price and most experienced driller means we bring the experience of maintaining a borehole and its equipment, Most drillers are great at drilling but not at maintaining it and its equipment. We have many years experience throughout the country and contact many borehole drillers for you. We basically take the headache out of getting the best quote, a little a price comparison website but for boreholes.

In an ideal world you should have a geology report done on where you want the borehole drilled, this gives you, us and the borehole driller peace of mind knowing what is being drilled into to. It can also save thousands of pounds. If the geology report comes back that there is a possibility of no water beneath you then you have not paid for a borehole to be drilled to find it has no water in it.

Sometimes we also suggest you get a dowser to conduct a report as well as a geology report.

To have a geology report done please contact us and either we can get the report done or can give you details of where to get the geology report done yourself.

The borehole is drilled, lined with a plastic liner and the top edges are sealed with bentonite to stop ground water run off penetrating and contaminating the water in the borehole.

drilling borehole diagram

How Much Does A Borehole Cost?

The most common question and a fair one. On average you should look at paying around £100 per meter lined. That is everything, drilled, lined and sealed along with a test pump at the end. Please remember that is £100 Inc vat @20% (correct July 2014) not +vat. Many customers come to us and say they have found it for £70 per meter. Usually that is without vat and without lining. If you find a borehole driller for £70 with lining and Inc vat then please just make sure they have a good reputation and you have read good reviews. When we give you a price from the driller it is the final price, nothing hidden such as vat. If the driller needs to go slightly deeper he will speak with you before hand but usually our driller price for a little deeper so you actually end up paying much less but as the saying goes "its better to be safe then sorry".

We are constantly being called in to sort out problems left by a "cheaply" drilled borehole and cheap equipment. We can sort the equipment out but if you have a badly drilled borehole it does not matter where you go or who you ask there is usually only one outcome and that is another borehole being drilled "properly" at an expense. We have many customers who have learnt the hard way and would certainly agree with this paragraph.

What else do I need to know?

Once your borehole is drilled we will then come in and specify a system based on your requirements. More on systems can be found on our borehole systems page.

We will design, specify, supply and install everything from pumps, tanks, filtration, water testing and all other features that might be required by you for your borehole.

Do not forget we can project manage the entire process so you get no stress, hassle and everything runs smoothly. We have many years experience in doing just that. It costs nothing for us to project manage the entire borehole project, it makes it a lot easier for us as we know what we need to give you the very best system.inside a borehole