Boreholes Pumps

There are many types of borehole pumps but we will explain the characteristics of the main types below. If you require anymore information then please do get in contact with us.

Submersible Borehole Pumps

borehole pumpsThese pumps are located and installed at the bottom of the borehole just off the bottom. These are usually electrically driven motor pumps and use the water surrounding it to cool it down when it is in operation. They can contain a constant pressure system, motor protection from overheating and also dry run protection. They usually have a series of impellors which force the water up the borehole water pipe attached to it. You can also get screw type pumps however they do not last as long as the impellor pumps.

Air Driven Submersible Borehole Pumps

Ok so you may be wondering why you have not heard much about these, Which is because South Coast Water is the only European distributor of the one and only Brumby Pump. This new designed pump has one moving part in the pump and is driven via air rather then electric meaning no more corroded pumps which only last till the day after the warranty and they will also pump large debris such as sand without any problems or damage to the pump which with a normal electric pump the small grains of sand or silt can block and damage the impellors. There is a downside to such a great pump and that is you require an air compressor at ground level which if anyone has been to a mechanics garage that noisy air compressor is what you will need. This is not great for you at night and your neighbours. You do not need a large compressor and you can get silent compressors but these are expensive.

S1 Brumby Pump

We have found ways around the noise. Have the pump, pump to a tank during the day and at night you use the water from the tank. Insulating the room the compressor is in also quietens the noise dramatically. The main point is, you will not need to ever buy another pump.

Booster Sets And Booster Pumps

booster pumpOnce the water has been pumped to the surface, you may need a booster pump to then take over the borehole pumps job and pump the water around the house or building.

These pumps can come as a single pump or if required can be added to create a booster set. They usually have a small pressure vessel attached which stops the pump from having to stop and start as often which in turns stops the motor from over heating.