Borehole Maintenance

Boreholes are not just to be drilled and forgotten. They do like many things need to be kept in good shape in the form of maintenance. This does not need to be anything serious or massive and a few simple things can keep your borehole in good condition for years and years.

Borehole head

borehole cap and headThe head is sometimes iron or steel and if this is not galvanised metal it will corrode which can damage the top of the borehole and damage anything close to the top of the borehole. Keep this coated in oil or spray some galvanising spray on it to stop corrosion from setting it. This is nice and simple and something you can do yourself. If you have a plastic liner and head then you do not need to worry about corrosion. Just keep the top clean by using some warm washing up liquid. This will also stop bacteria from forming.

If the top of the borehole is under a man hole cover, lift it now and again to ensure no insects have made a home in there. Make sure it is kept free from mud and rubble, when it rains it can get in and drip down into the borehole. It is always best to make sure the surrounding area of the borehole is kept clear because if there is ever a problem it is easy to access and lift the man hole cover up.

Borehole pump

Sometimes if there is high iron or other bacteria within the water it helps to lift the pump and clean at least once per year. If the pump is very badly coated then please get in touch with us as we offer a chemical cleaning service for pumps.

Borehole filtrationsandy clogged water filter

The water filters will always need maintaining. This will vary from filter to filter and what the water quality might be like but on average you need to change the sediment filter between 3 and 6 months and the ultra violet light bulb every 6 - 12 months.

Borehole Flow

Sometimes depending on the geology if the borehole has not been used much the aquifers can start to block up or if it is used a little too much it can pull sediment through which can block the aquifers, this leads to a drop in water quality and quantity.

Water flow can also be extremely affected by iron and manganese deposits which multiply if not treated. We can use a chemical shock agent to clean the borehole and the surrounding area. We also use an air driven Brumby Pump which also starts working the static water pressure levels which can dislodge any built up silt and debris.