About Us - The Beginning

We started South Coast Water which we specialised in water boreholes, water wells, natural springs, filtration systems, pumping systems, well restorations and private water supplies.

When wells have been filled in it is like digging through layers of history, many with great finds.

Its amazing when going down into a well the great engineering/brick work done by our ancestors back when wells were everything and without them there would not be clean fresh water to drink. It would have been a hard job but I expect I highly paid job too.

Please have a look through our website it will give you a much better idea of what we can do for you, what we can do to a well and what benefits a well is in the 21st century.

I would love to hear about your well so if you have one please get in touch, the history of them is more important then the job we might get from them.

Our advice is free, site visits local to us are also free BUT please do not try and clean your well yourself without adequate safety systems, training and knowledge. Many wells filled in were not done correctly and there will be voids down a water well so being on a ladder or bit of rope will not stop you falling if it decides to give way.

If you require advice on filling a well please also get in touch so we can then give correct advice on doing so.