Increasing Mains Water Pressure

If you experience low water pressure either all the time or at peak times (summer) there are numerous ways you can increase and boost this pressure.

Here at South Coast Water we can ensure you have enough water and enough water pressure so you can finally use your pressure washer to wash your car or anything else you desire at all times of the year.

Many households depend on a tank in the loft to supply water to the property, if you find it can take ages to fill your loft tank up this may also be because the mains water pressure is low and it struggles to push the water up to your loft.

We have done many jobs which have increased water pressure and water volume (flow) so below is just a few simple ways we can help you.

Mains Water Pressure Boosting water pressure gauge

We are able to install an in-line pump into your mains water pipe which increases pressure to your desired pressure and it will maintain this pressure whether your using a lot of water or very little. Simply open a tap and its there.

This system will depend mainly on whether your flow rate is good enough, we are unable to boost the water pressure if there is not enough water to boost. This can be over come via another system design.

*please note in this system a none-return valve must be fitted as we are unable to increase mains water pressure back into the mains water companies pipes and system.*

Mains Water Flow Rate Increase

If the pressure is bad you may also have a bad flow rate (not enough water volume).

This can be overcome by placing a buffer/storage tank in-line of your mains water supply. The size of tank will depend on you and how much water you require. These tanks can be placed underground, above ground, hidden in the garden somewhere or placed wherever you feel is best for you and your property.

We then install a pump into the tank which will give you your desired pressure at the turn of a tap.

The idea is the mains water supply slowly fills the tank as and when it is required using a conventional ball valve found in your loft tank. Water is pumped at the pressure you want and the amount of water you want, when you want it.

We will design the system with you in mind. If it is only to supply 2 people who like to water the garden or it is a large family which likes to wash their cars a lot.

Other Designs

We can accommodate any of your needs so if none of the above help you please use the contact us page and we will be able to design or give you other ways of boosting and increasing your mains water flow and pressures. We accommodate domestic, commercial and industrial so let us help you and don't put up with bad flow or pressure from your Mains water supplier. You should not be paying for a poor supply.

Before we forget we help with mains city water AND private water supplies.

How Can I Get Better Water Pressure?

One of the most commonly asked questions within the mains water supply network asked by members of the public.

You could always ask your mains water supplier but what you may find is they really cannot provide you with the help you require. Excuse upon excuse including ones such as "you must have leaks on the pipe work on your property, That is not our responsibility"

Do not put up with it. Increase and boost your water output or why not think about moving away from mains water altogether and become self water sufficient by having your very own private water supply. This could be in the form of either a drilled water borehole or an old hand dug well which you may not know is on your property (we can locate it for you).

A Very Basic Illustration

water pressure example