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Water Supplies

A section answering some of the most commonly asked questions to help explain the differences.

Water Abstraction License

Some information to help explain if you need one.

Water Flow Rates

How it helps you and how it can be tested.

Water Filtration Systems

What each type does and why you need it.

Water Testing

If only used for peace of mind this section explains the importance of the tests.

Water Tanks

Answers to questions about water storage tanks and the different types.

Dowsing For Water

Some of the questions we are asked about this mysterious art.

Geological Surveys

One of the must have steps before drilling a borehole.

Borehole FAQS

The most common questions answered regarding the general nature of boreholes.


The most common questions answered regarding the general nature of wells.

Grey Water Systems

The differences and why it could saves money.

Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Simple questions you may find yourself asking but in fact they are good questions.

Water Pump FAQS

There is more frequently asked questions about pumps then you would expect.

System Maintence

One of the most important parts of anything is the maintence and servicing.

Brumby Pumps

We have loads of questions about these facinating pumps.

Sink Holes And Mines

Look here before contacting us.


What you may be asking when it occurs.


Hose Pipe Bans

Questions about what to do and where to go to avoid them.