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Please use the Index on the right hand side or below to navigate through the hand dug water well pages for all the information you could need and to learn more about our services and what we can do to an old historic well.

About Wells - A page about them, why they were dug and some interesting facts and history about them.

Well Restoration - This page gives information about how we can restore a covered up or forgotten hand dug well and what we can do to bring it back to life either for decorative or working uses.

Well Cleaning - A page devoted to filled in wells and how we can remove the debris and revitalise it for future uses. This page also outlines the dangers that are associated with debris filled wells.

Well Pumps - There is many of wonderful contraptions that are well pumps and this page gives a good understand of the types used and how they are still perfectly usable today.

Well Caps And Covers - Wells are extremely dangerous if the top is unsafe so this page shows what we can do to ensure no one or thing falls in and how we can make it both usable and aesthetically pleasing so it does not just look like a cap.

Hand Pump Restoration - A page regarding all types of restorations we carry out on old hand pumps and water pumps. We can replace lost lead weights, leathers and gaskets to get an old pump or booster pump working again.

Well Maintenance - Although they have lasted many years and are usually brick lined they do still require servicing and maintenance, check here for more information.

Well FAQ'S - Our faq home page for all frequently asked questions about wells and all other water questions you and others may have.

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