F.A.Q Metal Removal Filters


Frequently Asked Questions

Metal filters

How can I remove Iron from water?

If you have a very high level of iron oxide or manganese it will need to be treated to make it safe to use. How you treat it is usually specified based on water test results so a water test must be carried out. Once the results are back we can then specify the media need to remove all traces from the water and how often the filter needs to clean itself.

Can I fit the iron filter myself?

You can fit an iron oxide filter yourself but there is specific ways to fit them and at specific points in the system. We and the manufacturers would always suggest you have someone with experience fit an iron filter. Manufacturers will NOT warranty an iron oxide or manganese filter unless it has been fitted by a qualified private water supply engineer.

How does an iron and manganese filter work?

The size of the filter is specified based on the amount of iron oxide or manganese which is in the water. The size is very important in enabling the water to come into contact with the media for a specific amount of time. If the water rushes through the filter too quickly then it will not have time to react with the media which in turn will not remove the iron or manganese.

What servicing or maintenance does and iron oxide or manganese filter need?

They are designed to clean them selves after a specific volume has passed through the filter or after a certain amount of time. It will backwash and remove the bad iron down into a drain.

The media based on the manufacturer's instructions will need to be changed every 2-5 years and if you have a potassium permanganate filter the potassium permanganate will need to be topped up every 6 months.

How can I filter bad smells or bad taste from water?

As long as the actual cause is filtered before as an example iron in the water which is removed with an iron filter can sometimes leave a bad taste or horrid smell. This can then be removed using a carbon filter which is the same size as a sediment filter but instead of catching sediment it will treat the water and the carbon reacts with the bad odours and tastes.