F.A.Q cross contamination


Cross Contamination Between Private And Mains Water Supplies.

Contaimination between private and mains water supplies is regarded as a high priority to any water undertaker especially South Coast Water. As we are liable to prosecution we maintain a high standard of cross contamination prevention, this will include non-return valves and stop valves.

If a borehole or well has slight bacteria in the water and it is able to contaminate and get into a mains water supply the bacteria will multiply and spread throughout the mains water supply. Being as the mains water has already been treated before it arrives at your tap the contaiminated water is able to flow into the mains water freely,bacteria can multiply and sickness and in some cases death can come from it.

At South Coast Water we like to make sure our customers who have a private water supply and are lucky to also have a mains water supply the option if needed to be able to revert back to there mains water supply if there is ever a problem with the system (very unlikely but always good to have a backup). We will ensure there is a non-return valve at all places where mains and private water can meet, we will also ensure there is an air brake (2 stop valves creating a break) between the 2 supplies.

All that said with a drinking water standards tests and correct means of filtration there will be no cause for alarm, you will be drinking water fresher and cleaner then any mains water supplier can supply... no chlorine, floride or other chemical treatment.

For more information regarding a water standards test / analysis please contact us.