F.A.Q Bacterial Filters


Frequently Asked Questions

Bacteria filters

How do I remove bacteria?

First you will normally need to find out how much bacteria is in the water and how much, this is done via a water test. We are then able to use the results to work out what size ultra violet light might be required. There are a few ways to remove or kill bacteri in the water and they are either by ultra violet light or by adding chemicals to the water, we always prefer to use an ultra violet light.

What if I buy the biggest available UV I can?

If you decide to just go and buy the biggest UV then you might be doing more harm then good. The reason we spec an ultra violet light based on water test results is so we can maintain the make up of the water and keep it as natural and full of healthy minerals. If you use a massive UV light filter you will be killing and damaging the natural make up of the water and will find it actually tastes a little plain/off.

How often do I need to change a UV bulb?

It will all be down to the manufacturer and once upon a time it used to be every 12 months but what was found is after 6 months the bulb starts to break down and then within a very short space of time the bulb may still be bright but it is not actually killing anything so now on average manufacturers always suggest the bulbs be replaced every 6 months.

Can I change the bulb myself?

You certainly can change the bulb yourself but we would always recommend we setup a maintenance program with you because although changing the bulb is easy every 12 months the glass quartz sleeve will need to be removed and cleaned to ensure the ultra violet light can pass through it. This we would not recommend you do yourself because the quartz sleeves are very fragile and new washers will need to be fitted.

Can I use any bulb?

No it must be specific to the manufacturer, you can buy universal ultra violet light bulbs/tubes but please check your warranty to see if your manufacturer will accept third party bulbs.