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Discover the benefits of a private water supply Today!
Find your water

If you dont already have a known water supply, then your first job will be to find it. Dowsing and geological surveys provide the most accurate means to do this.. Read more...

Pump it up

Once you have found your water supply, the next task is to bring it to the surface, establish your yield, and have it tested to establish its chemistry.

Filter it

When you have the results of your composition test, you will need to think about filtration. The type you may need depands on your water content.

Increasing mains/city water pressure

If you experience low water pressure either all the time or at peak times (summer) there are numerous ways you can increase and boost this pressure.

Here at South Coast Water we can ensure you have enough water and enough water pressure so you can finally use your pressure washer to wash your car or anything else you desire.

If you find it can take ages to fill your loft tank up this may also be because the mains water pressure is low and it struggles to push the water up to your loft.

We have done many jobs which have increased water pressure and water volume so below is just a few simple ways we can help you.


We are able to install an in-line pump into your mains water income pipe which increases pressure to your desired pressure and it will maintain this pressure whether your using a lot of water or very little. Simply open a tap and its there. This system will depend mainly on whether your flow rate is good enough, we are unable to boost the water pressure if there isnt enough water to boost. This can be over come via another system design.

*please note in this system a none-return valve must be fitted as we are unable to increase mains water pressure back into the mains water companys pipes and system.*


If the pressure is bad you may also have a bad flow rate (not enough water volume). this can be overcome by placing a buffer/storage tank in-line of your mains water supply. The size of tank will depend on you and how much water you require.

These tanks can be placed underground, above ground, hidden in the garden somewhere or placed wherever you desire. We then Install a pump into the tank which will give you your desired pressure at a turn of a tap. The mains water pressure then slowly fills the tank as and when its required using a conventional ball valve found in your loft tank. The tank acts as another loft storage tank and also gives you all the volume/flow you require, when you require it meaning you recieve the water at the pressure you want and the amount of water you want, when you want it.


We can accommodate any of your needs so if none of the above help you please use the contact us and we will be able to design or give you other ways of boosting and increasing your mains water flow and pressures.

We accomadate domestic, commercial and industrial so let us help you and don't put up with bad flow or pressure from your Mains water supply.

Before we forget we help with mains city water AND private water supplies.